Monday, August 17, 2009

Space to Think

How do you find space to think or time to focus and write when you're a single parent? Especially with little children.

From the moment I get up until the moment they go to bed, I am rushing from place to place. Get up and rush everyone through showers, breakfast, and off to school. Rush to the kids school, hoping they aren't late and that there won't be a long line of cars. Rush to work, hoping I'm not late. Rush through the morning email and calls. Answer the phone 50 times. Read 300 emails. Put out a few fires.

Rush home, hoping I'm not late again and that traffic won't be bad. Get dinner on the table, keep the kids from killing each other, clean up the kitchen, get the kids to clean up their toys. Make sure homework is done and clothes are washed for tomorrow. Get the kids bathed and in bed.

They get out of bed. They want water. Or to go to the bathroom. But what they really want is me. Miss M is mad because Little J is keeping her awake. Little J cries because Miss M pushed her. Threaten confiscation of precious things if they get up again.

Finally, quiet. But I'm exhausted now. Think? Focus? Maybe tomorrow...

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