Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Up, Up, and Away in My Beautiful Balloon

My girls are coming home today! They've been at grandma's the last week and a half. Truth be told, she DROVE with them 13 hours to Indiana from Pennsylvania to visit my grandmother. And then she drove them back! I can barely stand to be on a plane with the two of them for 2 hours - let alone 26 hours in a car where you cannot even walk around. She's done it for 2 years now and I swear she's either a masochist or has early Alzheimer's because she did it again this year. And tomorrow she's driving 2 more hours to bring them home.

I miss my girls!!! I miss their little hugs. I miss their laughter. I miss Miss M trying to trick me into thinking she actually ate all her dinner. I miss Little J asking me where I want her to kiss my face - over and over until my entire face is covered with kisses. I miss that they both believe I really can eat their noses. And that they believe they can pull them back out of my belly button. I miss them so much.

It's strange without them here. They tether me to this world. Without them I'm like a balloon about to blow away in the wind. I lose track of time. I don't know what day it is. I oversleep and am late for work. I stay up late. I nibble instead of eating meals. Like a top that is losing it's spin, I'm wobbling about without a gravitational center.

Come home soon little girls before your mama blows away into some crazy land where night is day and day is night.

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  1. I enjoy time alone, but I do get off kilter when my kids aren't with me for long stretches. It's great having them around.